Giving Your Cat Cbd: A Guide To Humans

Cat owners are looking for ways to keep their cats happy and healthy. They’re now exploring alternative therapies not available in Western medicine. CBD for cats is one of these alternative treatments.

This is not surprising considering more people are using cannabis to treat their health problems. Research studies consistently show the plant’s positive effect on inflammation and other diseases. Despite cannabis’s effects on humans being well-studied, no major scientific studies have been done on its effect on pets.

Is cannabis safe for cats? What kind of conditions might cannabis treat?

CBD Oil for Cats

You might now be wondering if CBD oil can help your cat.

CBD oil is a great option for pets suffering from chronic conditions or if you want to create a wellness program for your cat. CBD oil has been shown to have many benefits, including boosting your immune system and anti-inflammatory properties.

Many people have reported that CBD oil has helped their cats cope with stressful situations. CBD oil can help with separation anxiety due to changes in schedules and new environments. CBD oil can also help reduce stress from loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms.

CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Your feline friend also has an endocannabinoid, just as you, and can benefit from CBD oil’s effects.

Your cat might experience side effects just like humans. However, it is rare. You can adjust the dosage to see if your cat is sleeping more or feeling lethargic.

It is wise to select a cat-specific product. You’ll be able to tell that your pet is receiving something unique. It might seem tempting to give your pet CBD hemp oil, but ingredients that are beneficial for humans might not be for your cat.

Ask your veterinarian if your concerns are about CBD oils being introduced to your cat.

Selecting the Best CBD Oil For Your Cat

There are some things to remember when shopping for CBD products for your cat. Cat owners should search for companies that are transparent and share third-party testing results. This will allow you to have an accurate and complete understanding of CBD oil’s quality.

There are many options for CBD oil pet products. CBD treats are a great place to start. You should look for CBD treats made from non-GMO hemp oils that clearly state how many mg of CBD each treat contains.

CBD Oil for Your Cat’s Food

Although it can be overwhelming to look into pet CBD options for your cat, it is worth the effort to find out if they are a part of your cat’s overall wellness plan.

Keep your eyes peeled for quality CBD products with transparent third-party lab reports. Also, think about how CBD oil should be administered to your cat. Some situations may require treatment, while others might need a full-spectrum oil.

You can give CBD hemp oil or treats a shot if your four-legged friend has anxiety or mobility problems, or if you just want to help them feel better.

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