The Special Roller Ball Pen Guide

Our series on fine writing instruments was just launched. We are focusing on ballpoint pens and today we are going to show you how to choose the best rollerball pen. Ballpoints are an excellent everyday pen. They are also useful for left-handed persons because they dry quickly. But rollerballs can be considered a more premium pen and the next best thing after the fountain pen.

Rollerball pens share the same mechanism of a regular ballpoint pen but use water-based or gel inks instead of oil-based viscous inks like in a ballpoint. The pen’s rollerball ink provides a distinctive writing style and is more like a fountain pen. The tip is actually a small ball at the end that rolls along with your writing, allowing ink from the ink reservoir and the paper to transfer.

History of the Rollerball

Adam, who was kind enough search for a Polish article on the history of rollerballs and translated it to English for members of this forum, is the one to thank. There’s not a lot of information available on the history rollerball pens. Adam must be thanked for making this information public.

According to the information the rollerball pen actually was created by John J. Loud was looking for a pen that could write on hard surfaces and was patented in 1888. Despite the fact that the patent was filed before the dawning of the 1900s the pen did not see the light of day until after World War II. Many improvements were made to the original model with pens that could write on material such as wood or fabric. Despite having been created, the ink was not as viscous as it should have been. Parker, one of many pen manufacturers, introduced the rolling pen to the general public. Despite its potential, the rollerball was never popularized until the 1970s. Today, the rollerball pen is more popular than the ballpoint among pen enthusiasts. The rollerball pen makes a great everyday carry pen. It is also a good choice for those who prefer a more comfortable writing experience to the ballpoint, particularly for those who have a preference for fountain pens.

Rollerball Pens – The benefits

A rollerball pen produces a more consistent flow than a regular ballpoint. Also, it skips less often than a normal ballpoint. Rollerballs can be used to write in a similar way to fountain pens, but they use far less pressure than fountain pens.

The writing style is simpler and less stressful on the fingers and wrists, as well as the hands. It is more comfortable to use a rollerball to write. The rollerball also saves energy and can be used for longer periods without having to shake the hand. This is not something that you would do with high-impact writing instruments. The inks can be found in many colors other than black, blue, or red. There are also many choices for the type of the ink. Writers will write faster when they have less stress on their hand and pen. Furthermore, the ink on paper is often clearer than pencils and ballpoint pen. For more information see a brief at

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