Reduce Inflammation And Pain Caused By Psoriatic Arthritis With CBD Oil

CBD is now popularly used by millions across the world to combat anxiety and relieve chronic pain. Many health conditions get benefited from the use of CBD as it can provide symptomatic relief and improve the quality of life of its consumers.

Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic condition of the joints and the pain worsens with time. Current medical treatment for this condition is limited to providing symptomatic relief only. This is why many people turn to CBD oil to help them manage symptoms of the disease more naturally.

You can topical CBD creme to apply on your aching joints to get relief from the pain. JustCBDStore sells the most authentic form of CBD oil in the UK. Apart from topical creams, they also have an edible form of CBD as gummies or capsules. The dosage is strictly regulated in these products and the edible CBD can reduce generalized inflammation in the body to provide faster relief of symptoms.

CBD or cannabinoids present in the oil acts on the ECS system of the body to enhance various body functions. CBD also activates certain brain receptors to give therapeutic benefits without causing the usual high feeling in its consumers.

Psoriatic arthritis and use of CBD oil

When someone suffers from psoriatic arthritis, their immune system attacks the normal tissues of the body including skin and joints.

Dermatological symptoms of psoriatic arthritis include:

  • Development of red patches with typical silvery scales in a skin condition which is known as psoriasis.
  • These patches are itchy and can affect the sleep quality of the patient.

In joints, psoriatic arthritis can cause:

  • Swelling of joints and the surrounding tissues.
  • Stiffness in joints.
  • Pain.

Psoriatic arthritis most commonly affects the joints present in our extremities and thus, impacts regular physical activity based on its severity. Psoriatic arthritis affecting the spinal column is called spondylitis.

People with anxiety and higher stress levels are more prone to suffering from severe flare-ups of psoriatic arthritis. This is where the use of CBD oil steps in. CBD can help patients with psoriatic arthritis in coping with the daily stresses of life in a more relaxed way. Reduction of stress can also reduce the incidence of flare-ups.

CBD oil also decreases the sensation of pain and reduces inflammation which is usually responsible for swelling and joint pain.

Patients suffering from psoriatic arthritis greatly benefit from topical CBD creams and rubs. The use of sublingual tinctures and oral capsules can also provide enhanced symptomatic relief to patients suffering from psoriatic arthritis.

Patients suffering from psoriatic arthritis can take 20-40mg of CBD oil per day. The dose can be increased during painful flare-ups. CBD products are very well-tolerated by most people, but they can cause minor discomfort in some people in the form of:

  • GI issues including diarrhea.
  • Drowsiness and fatigue.
  • Reduction in appetite.
  • Dry mouth.

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils are more effective at providing pain relief as compared to CBD isolates. Taking the correct dose of the product is vital at producing desired results and hence, you must talk to your medical professional for taking advice on the same.


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