How To Choose The Right Cabinet Hardware Easily?

Pulls or knobs ?This is the biggest question you need to answer when remodeling your kitchen cabinets. How do you decide which cabinet handle is best for your kitchen? While it may seem easy to pick cabinet handles, there are many things to consider if long-term satisfaction is your goal. So that you don’t have to debate the issue and can choose the right cabinet handle for you, here are some options.

Cabinet Knobs

Knobs are the most straightforward type of cabinet hardware or Baldwin door hardware to mount. The knob is usually attached to the cabinet doors or drawer fronts by a single screw. If your kitchen has all the knobs (common in older homes, when there was less choice), you can easily swap out the knobs for pulls by simply adding another screw hole.

Cabinet Pulls

Contrary to knobs that only have one screw attachment, a cupboard pull or drawer handle is attached to the cabinet door or drawer face with 2 or more screws. One of the most important factors in choosing handles, because there are multiple screws holes, is the middle-to-center measurement. This is the difference between the center and center of each screw-hole.

This is an important thing to know when replacing pulls. Because changing the screw location never works. It might seem easy to fill in the old hole and match the new one, but you will never know unless you have a skilled craftsman who would be expensive.

Cup And Bin Pulls

Cup handles are a specific type of cabinet knob that can be used on drawers. They are often called bin pulls, semi-circular and semi-elliptical pulls. Cup pulls can be found in many farmhouse homes.

Cabinet Tabs (Or Finger/Edge Pulls)

Tabs pulling look modern in a contemporary kitchen, but retro in a traditional one. Place tabs pull in the corner opposite the hinge of the doors and center the drawers.

Appliance Pulls And Handles

The appliance pulls and handle is a special type for cabinet handles that are used specifically with refrigerators, freezers, or other appliances with wood panels. Appliance panel kits require you to choose cabinet hardware collections that include handles and pulls.

A Knob Or Pull? This Designer’s Advice

1. Get A Pull

You can use pulls or knobs on all doors, as well as drawers. The problem with knobs is that they can be harder to grasp and fingernails can leave marks on the cabinet doors. It is easier to open a drawer by using a pull. The whole hand can grab the drawer instead of your fingertips. Our kitchen designs use pulls (no nubs).

2. Position Pulls Horizontally In Drawers Or Vertically Indoors

The next step is to decide if pulls will be mounted vertically, horizontally, or a combination. We mount pulls horizontally to drawers. For doors, we mount them vertically. This configuration is the most convenient for opening cabinets.

3. Mix Up The Finish

You don’t have to match your kitchen’s cabinet hardware. This is where you can add a little sparkle. This is one area where you can add some bling. We always recommend chrome faucets.

4. Cost Is A Determining Element

Anything less and you will get sub-par quality. Look for cabinet hardware in plumbing stores and cabinet showrooms. They will have more choices and better quality.

You can protect your cabinets with knobs and pulls. They also increase their longevity. The choice of cabinet hardware is almost always an aesthetic decision. It should fit in with your kitchen style.

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