An Extensive Guide For Buying An Electric Scooter

It’s becoming more common for people to consider purchasing an electric scooter. When making your choice, speed, size, weight, and range are all important factors to consider.

This is what we covered in this article. Feel free to click one of the headings to jump to the section that interests you most:

How comfortable should you ride?

It’s a good idea to research the ride quality before you decide to purchase an electric scooter.

Some e-scooters are so poor that they cannot be ridden more than one mile on any other surface than perfect.


We recommend that wheels not less than 10 inches in diameter be avoided. You will experience a rougher ride with smaller wheels and may get stuck in potholes.


An E-scooters suspension works just like a car. It smoothens out bumps and absorbs shocks. If you plan to ride your electric scooter on rough terrain or off-road, the suspension may be an important consideration.


Safety should always be your top priority. When you pick an electric scooter, brakes are important.

Water resistance

It is a well-known fact that electric scooters aren’t waterproof.

Most e-scooters will not work if they are ridden on wet surfaces, in puddles, or rain. You will have to pay for replacements because warranties on e-scooters are often hidden in the fine print.

Maximum Load

You should consider that not all electric scooters can carry the same weight.

You will experience a decrease in performance and safety if you are riding an e-scooter that is too heavy for your body.


You must note that electric scooter manufacturers quote ranges that are best-case.

Most are based on speed and a light person (70kg) riding a smooth, flat, straight surface with a new battery.

Be aware that e-scooters are usually cheaper and have lower-capacity batteries. The amount of charge they can store also decreases with each charge.

Speed – how fast do electric scooters go?

Many electric scooters are capable of reaching speeds up to 15mph. This is enough for many people to get the buzz and smile.

It is important to remember that going too fast on a machine equipped with small wheels can prove dangerous.

The speed of an e-scooter is affected by many factors, including rider weight, motor power, tire pressures, and terrain.

Size and weight

We recommend people think about whether the e-scooter will be comfortable for them to ride on, and if it can be folded down easily.

The scooter should fold down small enough to be stored easily. However, not all e-scooters fold. It’s worth checking before buying, especially if your storage space is limited.

How do you find the best electric scooter at the lowest price

There are many cost factors that you should consider, in addition to the advertised retail prices of your chosen scooter.

Finance available

Finance options could make your scooter of preference more affordable by spreading the payment over a time period.

Import duty

While a few companies may be offering cheap electric scooter, they don’t always disclose all costs.

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