Guide About Pallets

There is so much information online, but it’s scattered and confusing with complicated freight jargon. Some colleagues also have horror stories of their pallets being broken down, damaged shipments, or Pallet Carriers refusing to take their incorrectly packaged freight.

And we have your back. This guide to pallet shipping is meant for beginners. You will find everything you need about Pallet Online shipping with helpful visuals.

Let’s begin!

1. What Is A “Palais?”

A flat pallet structure made of wood, plastic composite, metal, or metal used for transport is called a pallet. It can have a top or bottom deck. A pallet’s raised construction allows pallet jacks, forklifts, and other equipment to slide underneath it to transport it.

2. What Is The Distinction Between a Pallet and a Skid

One of the main differences between a palette and a skid is that a pallet has a roof and a base, while a skiing skid has only one deck.

3. How Many Different Types of Pallets Are There?

These main pallet types are distinguished by their pallet style.

  • Stringer pallets
  • Block (or deck board) pallets

These string pallets have three pieces of timber parallel to each other and support the boards. They’re also known as 2-way pallets. The pallets of a pallet lift or pallet jack can pick them up only from two sides.

Flat (deck board) pallets come in four ways: available from all sides. This type supports heavier shipments by placing blocks of wood in the middle of each edge and on the sides.

There can be many subcategories within each of these categories. The types are easily distinguished.

  • Double Face Pallets
  • Single Wing Pallet
  • Double Wing Pallets
  • Solid Wood Deck Pallets
  • Flush Pallets
  • Non-Reversible Pallets
  • Reversible Tablets

Double Face Pallets Can be used with any side up. Their two decks enhance the pallet strength.

Single Wing Pallets either have a top deck board or a bottom deck board that extends beyond the edges of the stringers. This can also increase the weight that a pallet is capable of carrying.

Double Wing Pallets include both the top deck and bottom boards, which extend beyond the stringers. This provides additional areas.

Solid-Deck Pallets have no spacing among the deck boards and a single sheet, making them easier to clean than regular ones.

Flush Pallets feature perfectly square edges. There are deck boards, stringers, and no overhang.

Non-reversible Pallets have a bottom with a different layout than their top. This means they cannot be turned upside down.

Reversible Pallets share the same top and bottom pieces and can be turned anyway.

4. What Are Pallets Made From?

Depending on the materials they’re made from, there are many types to choose from.

  • Wooden pallets
  • Presswood pallets
  • Plywood pallets
  • Metal pallets
  • Plastic pallets

The most popular pallets for Pallet Delivery Service include pallets made of metal, wood, or plastic.

5. What Is the Distinction Between Wood, Plastic, and Metal Pallets?

Wooden pallets, vs plastic pallets, vs metal pallets: which one should I choose?

Wooden Pallets

The wooden pallets have durability, can carry a lot, and are quick and easy to recycle, reuse, and repair. Their main disadvantage is their weight. This could increase the shipping cost. Wood is easily damaged by moisture. This can lead to injuries such as splinters.

Plastic Pallets

The weight of plastic pallets is less than that of wooden pallets. However, they are more robust and easier to handle. They are less susceptible to moisture and corrosion than wooden pallets and can be handled safely. Unfortunately, they aren’t as easily recyclable as wooden pallets and are more expensive than metal ones.

Metal Pallets

Steel pallets can hold more weight than both wooden and metal pallets. They cost less, are easier to maintain, and can take more weight than either wooden or plastic pallets.

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