A Beginners Guide To IQOS

The IQOS device heats real cigarettes to give you a familiar experience. It does not contain 95% of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. This revolutionary device was designed to make it easier to switch to regular cigarettes. It recreates familiar tastes and sensations.

What’s In The Box?

To get started, you will need an IQOS device. The newest IQOS model is the DUO 3. It’s slimmer and more discreet. You don’t need to charge it between uses. It also comes with a larger battery.

Your IQOS 3 starter kit includes the following:

  • The IQOS 3 DUO Holder – This is the main device – We’ll show it how it works soon!
  • The DUO3 pocket charger: This case charges your IQOS between uses, so it’s always accessible.
  • You will need a tool to clean your DUO3 and ten sticks to keep it in tip-top shape.
  • A power adapter/charging cable

How Do I Charge My IQOS DUO3?

It is important to test the battery in your pocket charger. This kit is essential as it will ensure that your IQOS device remains charged and ready to use. To activate the led strip that will light up and indicate how much battery remains, tap the button at its top.

Above the pocket charger strip, two small LED lights will be visible. These LED lights will show you the status of your IQOS Holder device’s charge.

If it has two glowing lights, it is ready to use twice the amount. It is ready to use once if it has one light.

If the holder doesn’t have lights, it is likely that battery has run out and needs to be charged. One charge of the IQOS Pocket Charger will last you 20 times.

How Do I Switch My IQOS On?

After your device is fully charged, you can insert a stick. Now you can take your IQOS charger out of the charger. Place a HEETS tobacco stick into the holder. Place the heets purple wave tobacco stick in the holder, so the end faces downward.

When the silver line of the HEETS stick touches your device’s top, the stick will be in position. It would help if you did not twist the HEETS sticks when inserting them.

Next, push the activation button two more times. You’ll feel a single vibration, and the LED light will slowly flash. This is the device heating up.

When your IQOS is ready, it will vibrate twice, and the lights will shine brightly.

How Do I Inhale?

Your IQOS experience begins by inhaling the HEETS filter tip into your mouth. It would help if you inhaled the same as you would with a cigarette. You don’t have to press the button or hold down the button when you inhale (like a vape pen).

How Long Does Each HEETS Stick Last?

Each HEETS stick can last 14 puffs or six minutes, depending on the time used. Your IQOS device vibrates to tell you it is still functioning after two puffs or 30 seconds.

The HEETS stick has been disposed of. The HEETS sticks can’t be recycled, so throw them out and get a brand-new one.

Pull the cap off your HEETS stick gently and slide it up.

You should have at least 2 HEETS of charge to ensure you have enough. Make a habit of returning your IQOS Holder’s pocket charger when it isn’t used. You will able to access it whenever you need it.

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